NEO unveiled the Centennial Tribal Monument on Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2019

During the event, Miss Indian NEO Ravyn Whitebird gave the invocation, Cheyenne Watson gave the land acknowledgment, Quapaw Chairman John Berry gave a keynote address, NEO Interim President Dr. Mark Rasor delivered a proclamation declaring the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the NEO Campus, Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma Chief Ethel Cook gave a proclamation recognizing NEO on behalf of the Intertribal Council, and AICE Mentor Hannah Berryman unveiled the monument with the help of Native American Student Association Students.

Following the unveiling, the American Indian Center for Excellence (AICE) hosted a panel discussing the 1959 termination and 1978 restoration of federal recognition for the Peoria Tribe, Wyandotte Nation, and Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma.

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