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The Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) Program was established under the authorization of, and pursuant to Title I of the Indian Self-Determination & Education Assistance Act, as amended (25 USC 450 et seq.). 

Under program standards, the Peoria Tribe agrees to administer the program, services, functions, and activities in connection with the Indian Reservation Roads Program.

The next project underway is the E 90 Road Project fronting the Pow-wow grounds. The project will include a widening of the existing E 90 bridge over the turnpike. The BIA is in the process of acquiring required easements and limited work has begun on utility lines. The road project will not begin until the completion of the ODOT Highway 10 Project.


It is in the Tribe’s best interest to encourage and promote the safe and efficient management, operation, and development of surface transportation systems that will serve the mobility needs of the people within the Tribal jurisdictional boundaries.

The IRR Tribal Capacity Building funds allow the Peoria Tribe the resources to provide planning of the transportation infrastructure needs.  The Administrative Capacity Building funds will allow the Tribe to research the following goals:

Staff one individual:

  • To update the inventory of roads in the Peoria Tribe’s service area.
  • Develop priorities of the Tribal roads inventory.
  • Develop a repair and maintenance cost for each road.

Scope of Work:

The Tribe shall carry out a transportation planning process that provides for consideration of projects and strategies that will include, but not limited to:

  • Needs of the Peoria Housing Authority.
  • Support economic development projects of the Tribe.
  • Development of a long-range plan of transportation needs for Tribal property.
  • Identify the transportation needs to efficiently serve the mobility of the people.
Submitted by:
Frank Hecksher

Special Projects Manager

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Miami, Oklahoma 74355
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