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The Peoria Tribal Education Program gives tribal members financial assistance in meeting their higher education goals.  Eligibility requirements include a 2.5 GPA, full-time or part-time enrollment in an accredited college or vocational training institution, and enrollment in the Peoria Tribe.  There are no financial guidelines and the scholarship is paid directly to the student as long as all criteria are met. Applications may be obtained from the Peoria Tribal Office or our web page, www.peoriatribe.com.  


Applications are accepted until July 31 for the Fall term and until January 7 for the Spring term.  Evaluation of applications and final decisions regarding eligibility are made by the three-member Education Committee. 

§  Forty-one new, one hundred and four renewal, seven part-time, nine graduate program, and two part-time graduate program students received the Fall 2011 scholarship

§  Fourteen new, one hundred and twenty renewal, seven part-time, eight graduate program, and one part-time graduate program students received the Spring 2012 scholarship


Information on various schools and scholarships are available in the tribal office.  Students are encouraged to come by the office and peruse the files.  Students often send thank you cards, letters and e-mails thanking the tribe for the help and how much they appreciate it.  

Download the Peoria Tribal Education Program information and Scholarship Application here.

Download the Peoria Tribal Graduate's Program Scholarship Application here

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