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An invitation to the annual Christmas party is mailed to all the elders of the tribe. The parents of tribal children 12 years of age and younger, living within 90 miles of Miami receive a personal invitation and a toy request form.  Every child that returns a request form receives a toy and treat bag at the party. 


The annual Peoria Children’s Christmas party was held on Saturday December 8, 2012.  Eighty-one Peoria children and their families enjoyed a delightful afternoon of lunch, entertainment, and gifts from Santa. The Peoria Tribal staff assisted me by wrapping gifts and filling treat bags.  On the day of the party, Peoria staff volunteers along with Peoria Tribal Member volunteers served lunch and refreshment. This year the children were entertained by STIX from the First United Methodist Church in Miami, OK.

Profits from the sale of Peoria bottled water; conference room rent and donations received from tribal members are used to fund the Christmas party. The CCDF Program donated $5,000 to help purchase gifts for the children.  We combine our decorations with those of the Drug Elimination Program of The Peoria Housing Authority, Ottawa Tribe, Quapaw Tribe, and High Winds Casino to have a beautifully decorated building that can be used for all the Christmas parties.  There is one final clean up after the last of the Christmas parties. 

Submitted by:
Mandie Ferguson
Children’s Christmas Party Coordinator

118 S. Eight Tribes Trail
P.O. Box 1527
Miami, Oklahoma 74355
918.540.2535 Telephone 918.540.2538 Fax